Migration in another light

The Rotterdam neighborhood of Spangen holds a small treasure in its midst, located in the remarkable Justus van Effen-complex you will find A Tale of a Tub*. In a modest exhibition space this organization ‘explores alternative modes for the development and presentation of contemporary art’, as is explained on their website. Accordingly their space functions as a platform for research and discussion.

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Step into a new world

The work of Kees de Goede (1954) never held a particular interest for me until I came across his exhibition in De Pont Museum. Kees de Goede is a Dutch artist who transforms his encounters with and his astonishment of the world around him into abstract paintings. Nature is an important source of inspiration for De Goede, so much so that he even integrates parts of it in his work. Examples of this are his canvasses stretched over a support of branches, which at several places almost appear to pierce through the linen. This method adds an illusory kind of movement to the artwork, as if a being tries to come out from the other side of the painting. Some of these works actually have a hole in the center, which contradicts the impression by reveiling there is nothing behind the linen.

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