In search for my religion

In the history of art religion has played a major role. In Western Europe for example, artists mostly received commissions from the Church and their subjects were often biblical. Today religion seems to have vanished in art, or at least it is being criticized. The current exhibition ‘I am closer to you than your very self’ at Nest shows otherwise, it presents artworks by three artists with a religious background. Nest invited the artists to examine the significance of their religion in their art and life.

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Inside out

The digital age we live in is characterized by the collection of large quantities of data; subsequently artists are examining this practice in their artworks. In doing so they are creating a platform to think about what the assembly of all this information signifies for each individual.
Lisa Park (1987) is an artist who compiles data using biofeedback devices*. In her most recent work she is concerned with externalizing her inner state. She uses an EEG headset to measure her brain activity, the data of which are being translated into sound and movement.

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