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Dear reader,

My name is Daniëlle and I am an Art Historian specialized in contemporary art. During my studies I focused on photography and gender issues, without however losing interest in other areas of contemporary art. Art is my passion and I spend quite some time thinking, reading, talking and dreaming about art or visiting exhibitions and related events. I have been working as a volunteer for several cultural organizations and recently started as a cultural entrepreneur under the name Art at Present. I now work with an arts festival in The Netherlands.

Why contemporary art? For one thing the artist is still alive, so he or she can explain the content or message of their work. Since art has the potential to be used as a reflection of our times, we can get an opinion on the times we live in. Though not all artists are concerned with politics, their work is above all a method of expressing their thoughts and feelings. After a long history of many different artistic styles and critics who believed nothing new could be done, it interests me to see what artists are coming up with now and how it is understood.

Many people I talk to about art, except art professionals, tell me they can’t relate to abstract art because they have no prior knowledge. Art historical texts are usually of little help because they are full of jargon. This deficiency motivated me to start this blog, to provide insight into art for whoever is interested.

For me personally this blog is a stimulation to visit even more exhibitions and dig into them. Seeing art with the alterior motive of writing about it also challenges me to change my own prior knowledge or thoughts. So it is a way for me to keep growing in my field.

I hope you, my audience, read the articles with pleasure.

Blog foto
Photograph by Wilbert Eerland