Peanut butter and floating rocks

Every person has expectations when deciding to visit an exhibition, depending on how much you already know of the art on show beforehand. Still some artists manage to take you by surprise in doing something that raises different thoughts or feelings then you imagined. Dutchman Wim T. Schippers (1942) is such an artist, he has made installations that will leave you wondering for why and how etc.

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Intersections at Art Rotterdam

For those art lovers who missed it, Rotterdam was the place to be last week. It was art week, which meant lots of openings and events organized around Art Rotterdam. For the third time the art fair took place in the Van Nelle Factory, befitting this purpose very well. This year was the second time the fair hosted Intersections. Off the main fair areas and in the outbuildings Intersections was the space where visitors could experience art without the pressure of possibly buying something. Curator Suzanne Wallinga organized a diversity of installations from several non-profit art spaces. From video work to performances, sound installations, paintings, sculptures, moving objects and even a complete house transferred from Detroit, one could see it at Intersections.

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Inside out

The digital age we live in is characterized by the collection of large quantities of data; subsequently artists are examining this practice in their artworks. In doing so they are creating a platform to think about what the assembly of all this information signifies for each individual.
Lisa Park (1987) is an artist who compiles data using biofeedback devices*. In her most recent work she is concerned with externalizing her inner state. She uses an EEG headset to measure her brain activity, the data of which are being translated into sound and movement.

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