Living in a quantifying world

In the article about Lisa Park I have already discussed the collection of data as a trait of the present times and Park’s visualization of this. However Park is not the only artist concerned with this interest; the group exhibition Spending Quality Time With My Quantified Self at Tent brings various artistic perspectives together. But where Park attends the data collection itself, the artists at Tent are preoccupied with the body, the self, within this omnipresent tendency.

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Intersections at Art Rotterdam

For those art lovers who missed it, Rotterdam was the place to be last week. It was art week, which meant lots of openings and events organized around Art Rotterdam. For the third time the art fair took place in the Van Nelle Factory, befitting this purpose very well. This year was the second time the fair hosted Intersections. Off the main fair areas and in the outbuildings Intersections was the space where visitors could experience art without the pressure of possibly buying something. Curator Suzanne Wallinga organized a diversity of installations from several non-profit art spaces. From video work to performances, sound installations, paintings, sculptures, moving objects and even a complete house transferred from Detroit, one could see it at Intersections.

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Identity and time

Who am I? It’s a question most of us have asked ourselves at least once in our lifetime. We are trying to identify ourselves and consequently relate to our environment. This mental process is the subject of the film History’s Future by Fiona Tan. It features a man (Mark O’Halloran) who literally does not know who he is due to memory loss caused by being beat up. The movie shows him traveling and taking on different personalities which lead him into diverse situations.

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Migration in another light

The Rotterdam neighborhood of Spangen holds a small treasure in its midst, located in the remarkable Justus van Effen-complex you will find A Tale of a Tub*. In a modest exhibition space this organization ‘explores alternative modes for the development and presentation of contemporary art’, as is explained on their website. Accordingly their space functions as a platform for research and discussion.

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