Art Careers – Hendrik Driessen (Part 1)

Photographs: Courtesy of De Pont Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.portret H Driessen 01This is the first article in a series where art professionals discuss their position in the art world, how they got there and their responsibilities. The kick off for this series is based on a conversation with Hendrik Driessen, director of De Pont, a museum for contemporary visual art in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Continue reading “Art Careers – Hendrik Driessen (Part 1)”

Peanut butter and floating rocks

Every person has expectations when deciding to visit an exhibition, depending on how much you already know of the art on show beforehand. Still some artists manage to take you by surprise in doing something that raises different thoughts or feelings then you imagined. Dutchman Wim T. Schippers (1942) is such an artist, he has made installations that will leave you wondering for why and how etc.

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